Simone Lyon



Simone Lyon

Watercolour artist and sculptor

Simone was born in England and studied art in London. After graduating she started to exhibit her work in London and around the UK.

She moved to Scotland where she lived for 20 years making sculptural ceramics which she exhibited widely in the UK, Europe and America.

In 2006 she moved to Italy where her work changed substantially, she started to produce more 2-dimensional works inspired by the new environment in which she was living and her sculptural work became more abstract while beginning to include many diverse materials.

In 2015 Simone moved to South Australia and is now working near Adelaide. Currently her work is evolving as she explores these new landscapes in her watercolours and local materials for her sculptures.

In 2019 she moved back to Scotland.


West Linton,
Scottish Borders,
EH46 7AZ
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